Keller sensors for monitoring consistent temperature​​​​      

Temperature plays a significant role in many product manufacturing processes. In such cases, a tempering machine is used. This is a permanently installed device which is responsible, as an integral component of a production plant, for tempering a mould or chosen tool in the manufacturing process.

The consistent temperature of the tool or mould is a criticalfactor in the quality of the finished product. Water or oil is most commonly used as a medium for transporting heat, but other fluids can also be used depending on the application. Tempering machines often have both a heating and a cooling function.

The medium is brought to a specific temperature and added to the process through a system of pipes. There, the medium transfers the heat or cold as energy. This can then go back to the tempering machine in a closed circuit to top up the used (and therefore lost) energy once more.

The purpose of a tempering machine is to supply the manufacturing process with the desired temperature and to keep this constant. Temperature sensors are then used to check the target temperature.

KELLER supplied to a client specialising in developing and producing oil and water tempering machines. are used to ensure pressure monitoring on the tank of the tempering machine. An overpressure, which can result from the heating of the medium, can be prevented with the help of pressure monitoring. A constant pressure of 16 bar is set. The transmitters from the Y range are particularly suited because they have a very low-temperature error range.

piezoresistive pressure sensor is welded, fully insulated and encapsulated with no internal seals.  Its robust stainless steel housing and compact design are perfect for space-critical industrial applications, heat pumps, AIRCON technology, and the food industry—the 21Y’s direct analoguesignal path with high bandwidth guarantees high, long-termstability.


Accuracy: + 0,5%FS

Total error band :1,5%FS @ -10…80°C

Pressure range: 0…2,5 to 0…1000 bar

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