Official countdown to Africa’s number 1 gateway for halal businesses

Do you know that your competitors from diverse industries will converge at Sandton Convention Centre Johannesburg South Africa from the 13-15 November for the Halal Trade, Logistics & Manufacturing Expo & Conference the most anticipated event of the year?

Why? To stay ahead of the game!

Not to brag, but our exceptional events are coveted opportunities for businesses, organisations, government, trade agencies, entrepreneurs, buyers, sellers and leaders to connect and collaborate over 3 business days.

With a track record of organising transformative gatherings, at Dadem Investments we ensure that our exhibitions and conferences are a vibrant marketplace for buyers and sellers to foster ideas, innovation and strategic alliances.

In an intensely competitive landscape, your competitors recognise that participation at the Halal Trade, Logistics & Manufacturing Expo & Conference enables them to gain a competitive edge, strengthen their networks, and unlock limitless possibilities for growth in the Global Halal market, Do like wise!

The Western Cape Department of Agriculture is inviting companies from the province mainly from the Food & Beverage, food technology and cosmetic industry to apply, click here to request applicaltion form.

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