Xylem, the global water technology provider, aims to turn Egypt into a center for manufacturing and to meet the needs of the local market, as well as exporting to North and East Africa and Arab countries, according to the Director of Xylem for North and East Africa, Mohamed Sheta.
Sheta elaborated during the press conference held to announce the launch of its factory for the production of water pumps in cooperation with the Taiba Manzalawi Group, that this factory will be the only plant for Xylem to produce such products in Africa, as it aims to export about 50 percent of its production.
He added that the company aims to take advantage of the advantages offered by Egypt, whether from its strategic location or the many trade agreements that allow it to enter the markets with large customs discounts, such as the Agadir Agreement with North African countries, the COMESA Agreement, as well as the the Greater Arab Free Trade Area (GAFTA) agreement.
Xylem Director pointed out that the company currently has 6 regional offices in Africa in Morocco, Kenya, South Africa, Côte d’Ivoire and Tanzania, in addition to its office in Egypt, so these countries will be the beginning in the markets that are exported to, noting that the volume of the company’s business in the 6 countries has reached about $116 million.
Sheta noted that the company has, during the past period, supplied its products to many projects in the Administrative Capital and New Alamein, as well as water and sewage treatment.
He pointed out that the company carried out detailed studies over the course of two years before making the decision to manufacture in Egypt, noting that the production presence will provide an opportunity to quickly provide the market needs as soon as possible.
Sheta stressed that the volume of investments made by Egypt in the field of infrastructure encouraged the company to take this step, in addition to the presence of a workforce of engineers and highly qualified workers.
With regard to the state’s tendency to expand the establishment of water desalination plants, he said that the company aims to participate in providing products that are part of these stations, and in the future it is possible to provide other products.
The new Xylem Egypt Plant will produce parts and complete units, including manufacturing and assembly of leading water brands such as Flygt, Lowara, and Bell & Gossett. The Xylem Egypt Plant will initially manufacture Split-Case Centrifugal pumps for different applications such as irrigation, HVAC and commercial building services, and End-Suction pumps for industry and irrigation.
This factory is the first in Egypt to produce water pumps and other equipment on behalf of an international brand. Targeting both Egyptian and export markets, it will create substantial benefits for the region, including buying in local currency, shorter delivery times, and providing local support. The Xylem Egypt Plant will also bolster employment and further catalyze Egypt’s rapid growth and progress.

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