– The MY DEVELON digital platform is an expansion of the company’s existing DEVELON Fleet Management telematics offering –

– The new platform makes navigating the system easier for customers and distributors when managing DEVELON construction equipment –

To meet increased demand, DEVELON, formerly Doosan Construction Equipment, has introduced the latest iteration of its fleet management system – MY DEVELON: a new digital platform for managing construction equipment.

Using the MY DEVELON application or on a web browser, customers and distributors can access and manage maintenance and operation data for their DEVELON construction equipment, according to the company’s MY DEVELON Team in South Korea. Customers can remotely check the status of their equipment and communicate with their machines by sending certain messages.

New Feature

Some of the newest features now available on the MY DEVELON platform offer the ability to download service tools and get personalized quotes for parts for DEVELON equipment.

As the MY DEVELON Team points out, MY DEVELON provides a menu for customers to request a quote for DEVELON genuine parts from their local dealer. This is a very useful resource for customers. They can select the parts they want to receive a quote on and send it to their dealer. Additionally, customers can subscribe to exclusive digital services through MY DEVELON.

Increased Telematics Usage

More distributors and customers are utilising telematics systems, according to data tracked by DEVELON. Although some customers can be intimidated by the amount of data, DEVELON and its distributors are working hard to develop training programs that help educate customers on how to navigate the system. This starts with DEVELON distributors using brief, streamlined training materials, which are very effective with sales specialists.

The MY DEVELON Team adds that when a customer purchases a new machine, the Develon distributorship sales specialists provide some basic training about telematics with the customer. So when the customer leaves with the new machine, they have a telematics profile. The customer can log in and start tracking the new machine immediately.

One of the most popular features of telematics services today, according to Develon, is the ability to receive codes from machines. Distributors and customers can subscribe to receive notifications when a DEVELON machine requires service. This allows distributors to proactively engage with customers and their machines, thereby optimizing uptime protection.

The telematics offering helps keep customers’ machines working the way they were intended, the MY DEVELON Team adds. Distributors and customers can better remotely monitor machines to ensure they are in good health and can schedule routine maintenance to ensure it is done when it is needed.

The MY DEVELON application (app) is available for download from popular application service providers. Current users of the DEVELON Fleet Management system should replace the current app by downloading the new MY DEVELON app. They can log in with their same credentials.

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