As the global trend in supply chain management shifts towards environmentally-friendly handling solutions, battery powered forklifts are gaining popularity across many industries, including warehousing, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, logistics and agriculture.

Battery powered forklifts offer numerous advantages over traditional diesel, gas or petrol-powered forklift trucks, including energy efficiency, minimal noise pollution, absence of exhaust fumes and lower servicing expenses.

“We understand that is not always easy for our customers to know which the most efficient forklift truck is for each specific task. Every machine has been developed with different features for performance, stability, safety, maintenance requirements and service life,” explains Brenton Kemp, Managing Director of Criterion Equipment, exclusive distributors of TCM forklift trucks in Southern Africa. “We work closely with our diverse customer base by offering an expert advisory service on which machine is best suited for every application, to ensure the highest levels of productivity and improved safety on site.

“And for our customers looking for eco-friendly solutions in logistics, there are many benefits in transitioning to electric forklifts for sustainable operations, including reduced carbon emissions, enhanced energy efficiency and improved overall operational efficiency. We have an impressive stockholding of our complete range of TCM forklift trucks, including FB18 and FB25 battery powered models, ready for immediate delivery. These versatile forklifts come equipped with container masts and hydraulic sideshifts.

“It is also important for our customers to be able to rely on a dependable repair service and the quick supply of OEM approved parts.”

Criterion Equipment’s TCM FB electric forklift trucks, which are engineered for high productivity and safe operation, are known for reduced operating costs, precise controllability, low noise levels and a modern ergonomic design.

Key features of this range include energy-saving capabilities ensuring low electric consumption and extended working hours per charge, smooth acceleration, precise control, and excellent manoeuvrability, even in tight spaces. Users have the option of traditional lead-acid or Lithium Ion batteries for enhanced propulsion, three ECO modes (Power, Normal, Custom) for optimised performance in various conditions and a regeneration system for efficient recovery of electric energy.

Other notable features of TCM battery powered machines include a rigid frame design, an IPX4 rating for durability and protection against water ingress and a specially-designed operator’s compartment for improved comfort and reduced fatigue.

Criterion Equipment offers a comprehensive range of TCM forklift trucks, covering various classes and configurations to meet diverse material handling needs.

Specialists stress that taking good care of forklift trucks is important to ensuring optimum performance and extended service life of the machine. Forklifts require regular servicing at a reputable specialist and regular load testing should form part of the structured maintenance programme.

Criterion Equipment’s service includes a national field services facility, which provides assistance during breakdowns, the repair and maintenance of machines and maintenance contracts. The company’s national workshops are also able to completely refurbish an existing machine according to OEM specifications.

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