The main players in the export and import sectors are working in a coordinated manner to urgently identify effective solutions to the logistic issue

In South Africa, the agricultural sector is grappling with significant logistical challenges, notably within its rail network and port operations, which are critical for the country’s economic growth. The inefficiencies in these areas are causing substantial economic losses, estimated at R1 billion daily from rail network underperformance and an additional R200 million from port inefficiencies. Mike Walwyn from South African Freight Forwarders highlights the necessity of public-private partnerships to address these issues effectively, emphasizing the private sector’s role in funding, expertise, and collaborative efforts towards industry reform.

Antoinette van Heerden, representing the Fresh Produce Exporters Forum, identifies equipment shortages, breakdowns, and weather conditions as primary factors hindering port efficiency. Similarly, Krish Reddy of Business for South Africa underscores the longstanding warnings from the fruit industry regarding these logistical challenges. The National Logistics Crisis Committee is actively seeking solutions through stakeholder collaboration, alternative financing, and the implementation of best practices.


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