• Project name: Guercif-Nador highway project (PAGN)
  • Total: €246 million
    • African Development Bank: €200 million
    • Africa Growing Together Fund (AGTF): €46 million


The transport sector is one of the main drivers of Morocco’s economic growth and development, and one of the Kingdom’s priorities. Taking all modes of transport together, it contributes 10% of government revenue and employs 5% of the working population representing 2.8% of national GDP by 2022.

The project is part of the drive to modernize the country’s transport infrastructure and related services to boost its logistics competitiveness and attractiveness.

In particular, the project will connect the large Nador West Med industrial port complex to Morocco’s motorway network.


This project aims to:

  • Strengthen the connectivity of the Oriental region to attract more investment and generate new economic opportunities and create jobs.
  • Improving road safety on the Guercif-Nador highway.
  • Connecting to the motorway network
  • The future port of Nador West Med to help increase the volume of goods transiting through.
  • The towns of Nador, Guercif and all the towns on this corridor.

Expected results

  • Result 1: strengthening of the Oriental region’s logistics competitiveness by facilitating access to the port of Nador West Med and its future business park.
  • Result 2: reduction in transport and vehicle maintenance costs and improved road safety on the Guercif-Nador highway.
  • Result 3: Provide the people of the Oriental region with greater mobility.

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