A powerful new platform connects Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s) with small and mid-tiered businesses that need technology solutions to drive growth.

TechSumo is an online platform and community that gives Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) the opportunity to promote their solutions to a 40,000-strong community of buyers from small and mid-tiered businesses. These businesses in turn gain access to relevant promotions and the best-of-breed technology solutions that will support their efforts to grow and scale their organisations.

“We’ve worked with the top technology brands in the world for five years, and one of the biggest issues we see are ISVs missing deal opportunities because they either weren’t fast enough connecting with buyers, or they couldn’t connect with the right people,” explains Matt Brown, CEO of Digital Kungfu and founder of TechSumo.

“On the other side of this equation are small and mid-tiered businesses that are looking for solutions that will help them work smarter and faster and be more competitive, but they don’t always know who to speak to, to find the right software and hardware solutions for their organisations.”

Growing businesses fast with TechSumo deals

The biggest problem that Independent Software Vendors face is a lack of enriched data. “The ability to access and use enriched data is the cornerstone of any effective marketing campaign, as well as the basis for adjusting go-to-market strategies,” says Brown. “At Digital Kungfu, we are always looking for innovative ways to source and then enrich data from the people who are making on-the-ground buying decisions or who control budgets,” he adds.

TechSumo is a platform that promotes technology solutions and products directly to buyers that are in the market for a particular solution, or have demonstrated an interest in a particular technology brand.

“We are building the largest community of B2B business owners on the African continent. These insights will not only showcase the power of community, but bring tech businesses and their customers closer together in the B2B landscape.”

Creating relevancy for tech brands

“More than ever, brands need to be relevant. They need to understand how they are perceived in the market, and whether their solutions and messaging are resonating with tech buyers,” says Brown. “We have coupled these insights with a direct line to B2B tech buyers. Everybody wins.”

The platform is also fully compliant with the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act in South Africa and GDPR requirements in the EU. “Our platform ensures that sensitive data is organised and managed in such a way that Digital Kungfu and our clients meet enterprise business rules, along with legal and governmental regulations,” says Brown.

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