The Liberated Souls Ministry marked the yuletide festivities with special traditional wears at a colourful gathering, to showcase Ghanaian fabrics.

Delivering the sermon, Apostle Charles Oduro Marfo, Presiding Elder of the Church, explained that the church decided to mark the event, to promote made-in-Ghana products, especially, fabric.

He said that it was his belief that if Ghanaians patronised locally manufactured products, it would help build the economy and accelerate development.

Apostle Marfo noted that efforts to promote made-in-Ghana products were often met with opposing argument, that the quality of most locally manufactured goods did not match the quality of foreign goods.

He expressed worry that some indigenous companies and individuals have made investments to promote and improve the quality of products, but ran into losses or failed to make any gains, due to low patronage

Apostle Marfo said in order to change the situation, the church decided to adopt certain Sundays to particularly wear only Ghanaian branded products, to help create awareness and boost sales.

He advised Ghanaian manufacturers to put in much effort to properly package their products, and insist on producing quality goods.

Apostle Marfo said that Ghanaians must eschew the tendency of looking down on made-in-Ghana products.

He asked Ghanaians to change their perception about Ghanaian branded products, saying “it is high time we realised that by patronising local goods, the sustenance of local enterprises would drive improvement and quality”.

Apostle Marfo said the patronage of local goods would provide jobs and help indigenous companies to grow.

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