As the well-being of workers on site becomes increasingly critical in all sectors, industries that operate container handling equipment are taking a closer look at the importance of enforcing safety precautions to prevent injury to personnel and damage to loads being transported.

According to global statistics, there has been an increase in workplace injuries during the handling of loads, caused by collisions, incorrectly supported and uneven loads, unstable work surfaces and operators braking too hard or accelerating too quickly.

BLT WORLD’s Mobicon lightweight straddle carriers have been developed to not only improve load handling efficiencies and reduce onsite truck congestion, but these versatile machines also enhance safety in many industries, including shipping, warehousing, mining, agriculture and manufacturing.

“Mobicon design specialists understand potential risks during materials handling procedures and have developed handling machines that ensure complete stability even on uneven or unsealed surfaces, so tipping over is not an option,” explains Ken Mouritzen, BLT WORLD. “Stability of these machines is guaranteed, as lightweight straddle carriers are over the load, rather than being offset with a counterweight, enhanced by a symmetrical wheelbase and 4-axles. Pivoting bogeys and hydraulic levelling systems accommodate undulations in work surfaces, ensuring a safe and smooth ride in all environments.

“Unlike other straddle carriers on the market, the Mobicon does not use wire ropes for the lifting of containers, therefore eliminating the risk of a swinging load or rope breakages. The locking and hydraulic lifting systems used on these machines hold the container in place keeping it rigid at any height when the machine is in motion.”

The remote lock twist system allows the operator to remain in the cabin and by using external CCTV cameras and the cabin mounted monitor, it is easy to engage the twist-locks into the container, reducing foot traffic around the machine and minimising the risk of collisions.

Mobicon System designers have ensured that the operator has an unimpeded view by positioning the engine down low, providing greater visibility when reversing and during the placement of the container, while multiple cameras provide a 360-degree view around the machine.

Other safety features of Mobicon straddle carriers include a motion detector camera system, automatic speed reduction when the container is at height and a steering angle that is automatically reduced when driving at speed. A dead-man switch immediately shuts down operation of the drive system in an emergency situation and door switches ensures the machine remains inoperative if a non-secured door is detected. An emergency stop button in the cabin halts operation immediately.

BLT WORLD’s Mobicon machines also improve safety for those working at heights. The operator is able to decide exactly where and at what height, to pack or unpack the container. Within minutes the container is lifted off the back of a truck and is transported directly to where it is required – either inside or outside the warehouse.

Containers can be packed or unpacked on the ground, rather than at trailer height, which reduces the risk of falls or damage. This system also eliminates the need for loading docks or slippery loading ramps.

These machines are suitable for use in various operational and environmental settings, including low entry ways and narrow aisles in warehousing, logistics and manufacturing, on uneven and unsealed surfaces in mining and the hull of ships.

Mobicon container handlers have been used in the global steel industry for over 15 years, to enhance the efficiency and safety of handling components, like steel reinforced bars. Mobicon straddle carriers, coupled with flat racks, provide a safe, convenient and cost-efficient solution to alleviate the problems of handling reinforced steel.

In all Mobicon designs, these main principles are always upheld – safe and efficient handling, no damage to the yard surface and controlled movement of the load, which is achieved by rigid lift arms or a guided spreader. The risk of the flat rack swinging or falling is prevented by a rigid, secure connection.

Mobicon straddle carriers increase operational efficiency and reduce demurrage costs for trucks waiting to be loaded and unloaded. These mobile container handlers have excellent manoeuvrability and move loads efficiently around sites, through warehouse doors, effectively taking the container to the stack or the receiving point.

Other advantages include easy handling of ramps and speed bumps, faster container handling times in all weather conditions and minimal damage to contents normally caused by long lift truck runs.

Mobicon straddle carriers are available exclusively throughout Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands from BLT WORLD as rental equipment, or for purchase. The company offers a technical advisory, parts and support service.

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