BLT achieved sigficant technological advancements in 2023, fuelling its rapid expansion. (Image source: BLT)

Bright Laser Technologies (BLT), a manufacturer of industrial-grade metal additives, has entered a new phase of international expansion, seeking to expand its footprint in South Korea, the Baltic Sea Regions and Africa

The new initiative has been undertaken with the goal of fostering strong partnerships and capturing emerging markets. To do so, BLT has signed new agreements with prominent agents in the respective markets in a move BLT stated proves its dedication to providing innovative solutions and services to diverse markets worldwide.

In South Korea BLT has formed a partnership with new distributor LINCSOLUTION to deliver a comprehensive turnkey solution for metal additive manufacturing while, in the Baltic Sea region, the company has enlisted the help of CadXpert to customers have access to the diverse portfolio of 3D metal printers on offer.

African promise

At the same time, BLT has identified Africa as a promising frontier to grow into, due to its untapped potential and rapidly growing economies. To do so, the company has partnered with Russel Smith, a certified integrated energy services provider with a focus on technology solutions for asset integrity management, oilfield management, smart manufacturing, and sustainable energy. Russel Smith will provide a range of products from BLT’s AM ecosystem in West Africa, Namibia, Angola and Uganda, an offering which includes various machines with different build dimensions, a wide selection of high-quality metal materials required for printing, and printing software.

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