In keeping with its global expansion strategy, SGL strengthens its presence on the African continent by inaugurating a new office in Port Elizabeth.

Adding to its existing locations in Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town, new and existing customers will gain access to SGL’s extensive global network while benefitting from expert local know-how and capabilities.

Just last month, the company opened its first office in Kenya. Already present in Togo, Benin, Mali, Côte d’Ivoire, and Senegal, SGL provides customers with its tailormade and comprehensive logistics solutions across the vast continent.

Gateway to South Africa and the continent

As one of the largest multi-cargo, deep-water ports in South Africa, Port Elizabeth offers connectivity to global maritime import and export routes. Along with the effective, well-developed rail and road infrastructure, the new location provides customers with efficient supply chain management through extended and easy access to the rest of South Africa and the entire continent’s logistics network.

Lars Syberg, CEO EMEA ex. Nordics expands on why opening a new office on the Eastern Cape is a logical next step in the company’s expansion strategy:

“We already offer a warehousing and distribution solution in Port Elizabeth for one of our key customers, so extending our capabilities and local expertise through an office is only natural. Furthermore, the port includes the Coega Industrial Development Zone, a world-class infrastructure and logistics business hub, enabling us to offer our comprehensive supply chain solutions to our customers, including warehousing and distribution. Our global flexibility builds on our local presence; it’s what enables us to uncomplicate our customers’ world whenever, wherever.”

Port Elizabeth’s strategic maritime location and robust infrastructure make it a key entry and exit point to South Africa for various goods.

Jerome James, Managing Director of South Africa, finishes:

“Within the automotive industry, Port Elizabeth is often called the ‘Detroit of South Africa,’ as it’s home to a significant number of major car manufacturers and parts suppliers with operations in and around the city. Similarly, the port is a vital part of the pharmaceutical supply chain of the country and continent. Two industries that are a part of our strategy in South Africa and suit our capabilities very well.”

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