Rabat OCP Africa, a subsidiary of Morocco’s leading phosphate and fertilizer giant OCP Group, has partnered withMicrosoft’s Africa Transformation Office to strengthen food security in Africa.

Announced at the 5th United Nations Conference on Least Developed Countries (LDC5) in Doha, Qatar, The partnership aims to support smallholder farmers and other agricultural stakeholders across the continent by2025. increase.

OCP Africa works with technology companies to expand its digital agriculture platform by integratinginnovativetechnologies such as cloud and agricultural data platforms.

The platform helps farmers improveproductivity while helping them manage their business. It also ensuresaccess toproducts and agricultural services and facilitates communication with stakeholders. Additionally,this collaboration willprovide an opportunity for OCP Africa to explore the use of big data, machine learningand artificial intelligence (AI).

Wael Elkabbany, General Manager, Microsoft Africa Cluster, said:

For Elkabbany, technology is “a key enabler to enable and improve access to finance, equipment andsustainability forrural farmers and to empower local farmers in Africa.”

He believes that OCP Africa and his Microsoft partnership will have a direct positive impact on smallholderfarmers andimprove agricultural production.

Africa’s agriculture is in a “moment of transformation”, said Mohamed Anouar Jamali, CEO of OCPAfrica, highlightingthe unique opportunities facing farmers and the industry as a whole.

He explained that the digitization of agricultural practices would help small farmers streamline theirdecision-making,which he argued would streamline production. “The partnership between OCP Africa andMicrosoft will enable us toexpand our service offerings, expand our digital platform, extend our reach andhave an even greater impact on foodsecurity across the continent,” concludes Jamali. .

The partnership comes at a time when the African continent is facing looming food insecurity, with Moroccanfertilizergiants working to build the resilience of smallholder farmers facing this crisis through a varietyof initiatives across thecontinent. I encourage you to launch initiatives.

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