ANGOLA – Angola’s oil and mining companies are said to be one of the country’s sources of pollution, a national environmental expert said.

Environment Minister Sandra Ferreira do Nascimento, speaking to his ANGOP on Sunday, said the list also includes processing industries and economic activities carried out by natural and legal persons.

Ahead of National Environment Day, which is celebrated on January 31, experts said several actions aimed at improving the environment are being taken in the country.

In it, she noted the adoption of innovative laws to maintain and protect the environment.

These actions do not ignore the importance of environmental education in changing societal behavior and raising awareness of the consequences and responsibilities of actions towards the environment, Sandra Nascimento said. The official stressed that under the provisions of Angola’s new penal code, all crimes against the environment and pollution are punishable by one to five years in prison, with up to three years in prison for pollution crimes.

The day is celebrated this year to combat burning, cut down trees, and promote the protection, restoration and sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems.

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