China emerged as the main export market for Namibia in August 2021, absorbing 29.6% of all goods exported, reclaiming its position from South Africa which emerged top in the July trade statistics, according to Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA).

The composition of the export basket mainly comprised of minerals such as copper, precious stones (diamonds), non-monetary gold, uranium as well ores and concentrates of base metals, NSA statistician general Alex Shimuafeni said.

“As usual, fish remained the only non-mineral product among the top five exports,” he said, adding that the value of exports in August 2021 increased, growing by 41.5 % to N$7.1 billion from its July 2021 level of N$5 billion

In terms of imports, South Africa maintained its position as the largest import market for the country with a basket comprising of copper, petroleum oils, precious stones (diamonds), motor vehicles (for transportation of persons) and; ores and concentrates of base metals.

According to Shimuafeni Namibia’s total merchandise trade surged to N$17.1 billion in August 2021, an increase of 27.1% and 3.7% when compared to the level of N$13.4 billion and N$16.5 billion recorded in July 2021 and August 2020, respectively.

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