The new adidas women-only and staffed by women store. Picture: Supplied

At first glance it looks like any other sports store. People browse through rails of merchandise.

But step inside. And you see and feel the difference.

It’s a huge break-away from the traditional athlete leisure stores that have always leaned towards a masculine look and feel, with dark colours and strong macaques gracing the shop.

Welcome to adidas’s first women’s store in Canal Walk – geared towards women only and staffed by women.

Launched in a month that honours and celebrates women, I paid a visit to the store.

The first thing that caught my attention was a big sign saying “Womxn”, a brave move by the store to indicate the inclusion.

As I walked in, the ambience evoked warm and happy emotions. As an active sportsperson myself who likes bright colours, the store was inviting and embracing. It personified womanhood.

There are no bored-looking husbands or boyfriends waiting around. In fact, there was not a single man in sight.

I browsed through athleisure, leisurewear and fashion while shopping for running gear all at once.

I loved the all-female staff, I could really shout in the store that I didn’t know my sports bra size and needed measurements, which we did in the middle of the store.

This was new to me as I would usually have to go to a fitting room for the service, usually located at the back of the store.

In these days, every woman wants to make a statement with their outfits – and there’s plenty to choose from to make the transition from exercise in activewear to catching up with a friend over a cup of coffee in casualwear.

The shopping experience is also a personalised one – one can always trust a female assistant’s advice when in doubt.

The adidas Women’s store being launched on Women’s Month is also a plus for any woman looking for inclusion and space that celebrates femininity, in all shapes and sizes.

Nothing beat the feeling like that as a customer you are not just a “by the way” client but that you are highly valued and embraced.

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