Over half a billion people in sub-Saharan Africa live without electricity.
That is 1 in 2.
Meaning between me and you, one of us has to be without power.

So, I speak for the sons and the daughters studying by candlelight,
I speak for the mothers, the fathers, the entrepreneurs whose dreams flicker in dreariness.
I speak for the nations, seemingly draped in half-darkness.
I speak to flip the switch.

Envision a future where every home and hospital, farm and factory, has constant, reliable access
to electricity because electricity transcends illumination, electricity is the fuel that drives innovation.
It is the power to empower, it is the hope, it is the life force of Africa’s Economic Revolution.

So, sound the gong-gong and herald the dawn.
Beckon the beacon bearers, for the night is gone.
Call for the changemakers, the innovators, and the dreamers.
Stand with me, as we shed light and create awareness.

Let us ignite the continent.
Let us power up Africa!

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