HPY Technology, a developer and manufacturer of ore sorting machines based in China, has won two awards in the Innovation and Environmental categories in the 2024 Mining Technology Excellence Awards for its innovative Circle Series ring-shaped sorter. HPY Technology has won the awards for the product’s unique design and use of advanced and eco-friendly technology.

The Mining Technology Excellence Awards celebrate the greatest achievements and innovations in the industry. Powered by the business intelligence of GlobalData, the programme provides a platform to recognise the people and companies that are driving change in the industry.

Sorting is an essential step in mining, to separate valuable minerals from ore. Advancements in sorters have transformed this process, improving efficiency, reducing environmental impact, and boosting mining profitability. Modern sorters utilise advanced sensors, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning for precise and eco-friendly operations.

The Circle Series by HPY Technology is one such significant innovation, redefining ore sorting with its unique ring-shaped design and cutting-edge capabilities. It is the world’s first ring-shaped sorter and is designed to significantly improve the ore processing efficiency and capacity.

Innovative design for improved efficiency and accuracy

HPY Technology Circle Series design

The Circle Series features a 360-degree feed system, processing material from all directions simultaneously, mimicking the encompassing nature of a circle’s geometry. The innovative design has led to 3.14 times increase in throughput efficiency, which is a significant leap compared to traditional belt-type ore sorters. The higher processing capacity is achieved without increasing the sorter’s size.

The Circle Series utilises advanced AI algorithms, including the Wenshu Algorithm and Cross-model Fusion Feature Algorithm, to enhance ore sorting accuracy and efficiency. The use of convolutional neural networks (CNNs) and intelligent XRT sorting technology allows for precise feature extraction and classification, improving the recognition of usable ore and reducing waste.

The Circle Series employs aerial imaging technology to remove belt interference, doubling the detection accuracy, while its multi-row air jet system ensures precise separation execution, adjusting airflow based on particle size for optimal separation.

Eco-friendly design lowers environmental impact

In the mining industry, the environmental impact of operations is a critical concern. The Circle Series addresses this by enabling the pre-rejection of waste rocks and the enrichment of low-grade ores, which leads to a more efficient use of resources as well as waste reduction. Its sensor-based sorting technology allows for the development and re-utilisation of waste rock piles, further contributing to environmental conservation.

Low-energy vibrating feeding disks and precise separation execution with multi-row air jets reduce the sorter’s energy consumption, significantly cutting greenhouse gas emissions. The design reduces the energy consumption compared to traditional conveyor belts, from 7.5kW to a mere 1.5kW.

The sorter is also designed for easy maintenance, by avoiding the use of frequently replaced components. The ‘plug and go’ air jet system and the elimination of conveyor belts not only enhance the ease of maintenance, but also reduce stoppage times and operational costs.

Economic benefits of the Circle Series

Mining enterprises are constantly seeking ways to improve their bottom line, and the Circle Series delivers on this front.

With the ability to increase the grade of ores such as zinc from 10 degrees to 20 degrees, the selling price per ton can quadruple, leading to 1.4 times increase in overall economic value.

The Circle Series’ high processing capacity of up to 300 tons per hour further highlights its economic advantages for mining companies.

Case studies: Miners achieve economic and environmental goals through the Circle Series

Circle Series benefits and case studies

By enriching ore grades and increasing the overall economic value of the materials processed, the Circle Series reduces the need for extensive mining operations, thereby lessening the environmental impact.

The case study of Hengyu Mining, a mining company based in China, showcases how the Circle Series has enabled the company to achieve both production and environmental goals. The Circle Series’ intelligent ore sorting equipment has dramatically increased mineral resource utilisation rates and reduced greenhouse gas emissions for Hengyu Mining.

Adoption of the Circle Series has also led to increased processing capacity, improved concentrate grade, and a higher recovery rate for the mining company. The intelligent ore sorting plant constructed by Hengyu Mining has resulted in annual economic benefits of approximately $6.33m, alongside a dramatic increase in mineral resource utilisation and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Similarly, Xintianling Wolfram Mine’s partnership with HPY Technology has addressed significant challenges in sustainable mining. By enriching raw ore grade and reducing tailings, the mine has lowered its environmental footprint and enhanced its commitment to sustainable practices.

HPY Technology’s Circle Series, thus, has set a new standard in ore sorting, offering significant economic and environmental benefits. Its innovative design, advanced technology, and precision in sorting have not only improved the efficiency of mining operations but have also paved the way for a more sustainable industry. The awards received by the Circle Series are a testament to its transformative impact, recognising it as a model for future advancements in mining technology.

“We sincerely thank Mining Technology for recognising our achievements in terms of advanced ore sorting with the Excellence Awards. HPY Technology are committed to continuing our innovative efforts to unlocking the real value of global mineral resources and drive forward sustainable, responsible mining practices.”

Shuhao Zhou, Vice President of HPY Technology

Company Profile

HPY Technology company profile

HPY Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise that specialises in developing and manufacturing ore sorting machines that use cutting-edge AI technology such as perception technology, human-computer interaction, and deep learning.

As a trailblazer in the Chinese mining industry, HPY Technology accomplished the first cases of ore sorting in China with tungsten, tin, antimony, lead and zinc, copper, molybdenum, gold, phosphate, and over 30 other ore types. This innovation not only revolutionised traditional mineral processing but also made a significant contribution to the technological advancement of the global mining industry.

The company’s headquarters in Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province, covers an area of 68,000m2, including Asia’s largest mineral processing laboratory and a well-equipped engineering research centre. HPY Technology has an R&D centre in Shenzhen, China’s Silicon Valley, and branches in Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Yunnan, and Anhui, with a total of more than 400 employees.

Since its establishment in 2015, the Ministry of Land and Resources of China and the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association have officially recognised HPY Technology as an important contributor to the Chinese mining industry. In 2022, HPY Technology reached a benchmark of selling 400 ore sorting machines.

AI intelligence and sustainability are the primary driving forces for future industrial development. The implementation of ore sorting technology can aid the mining industry in achieving optimal production efficiency, reducing energy consumption and emissions, facilitating the creation of eco-friendly mines, and providing robust support in reaching net zero carbon emissions targets in the mining sector.

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