02 April 2024, Johannesburg – Following Tabono’s growth trajectory over the past six years, a new visionary CEO was needed. Reon Barnard, Director of Barrock, Chairman of The Sekta Group, Director and Shareholder of Jabali Mining Services, and Co-Founder of BCR Holdings has been appointed as Tabono’s new CEO. 

Despite global disruptions and challenging macro-economic developments, the African Development Bank Group’s African Economic Outlook report projects that the continent will grow at the second-fastest rate in the world in 2024. Supporting these predictions, the Africa Attractiveness Report shows that, of the US$36 billion of capital investments in 2023, almost 75% of foreign direct investment was allocated to South Africa, making it the central investment hub of the continent.

Contributing to this growth momentum experienced within South Africa’s critical economic sectors for the past few years is Tabono, founded in 2018 by Liran Assness and Reon Barnard. Under the direction of these two progressive South African businessmen and inspirational entrepreneurs with highly accomplished portfolios, Tabono has rapidly expanded over the past few years into the niche yet formidable entity it is today.

With a portfolio spanning across high-value sectors such as energy, mining, infrastructure, and logistics, Tabono’s niche service offering is sought-after by businesses across the African continent by seeking growth.

Sealing successful deals

Described as ‘growth catalysts’, the Tabono team’s dynamic set of skills and expertise are applied uniquely to each business challenge, but always with the same goal in mind. To take a ground-breaking concept and turn it into a capital-generating project. This ultimately ensures that despite the challenging economic environment the country finds itself in, large-scale projects, business expansions, and new inventions don’t die in the boardroom. Consequently, Tabono sits at the core of many African companies’ success stories. With approximately 5000 employees within its interests, Tabono has seen great success with holdings such as Advanced Fire Support Technologies, Consolidated Building Materials and Sekta Group,  to mention a few.

Taking the reins for Tabono

With an extensive educational background, an innate understanding of finance, deep operational expertise in mining and commodities training, dynamic strategic capabilities, and commitment to innovation, Reon was the logical choice as Tabono’s new CEO. His ability to empower entities to excel has secured him many successes as an entrepreneur, investor, chairman, and founder of various prosperous business ventures.

When asked about his appointment, Reon said, “Where others may see roadblocks, I’m invested in pioneering new paths to foster growth and drive progress. Not only am I honoured to be appointed as this trailblazing company’s CEO but I look forward to continue working with the Tabono team, and our broader network, and all the entities I’m involved with, to find and implement pragmatic, strategic initiatives that take ideas from incubation to actualisation.”

Building business for the better

Under his direction as Tabono’s Chief Executive Officer, Reon will ensure he builds on the company’s reputation as a stabilising force when building sustainable businesses. “Navigating turbulent socio-economic climates in an interconnect world requires a steadfast vision that guides every critical decision towards success for all stakeholders. This is exactly what we will continue to offer our future clients.”

Driven by Tabono’s ‘building business for the better’ philosophy, Reon confirms that this mindset will remain deeply entrenched in every future project the team takes on. “Our goal as a company has and always will be to lead and serve South Africa by undertaking entrepreneurial initiatives in critical industries, thereby contributing to progress amidst the country’s challenges.”

To deliver even broader impact, Tabono is expanding their global footprint from Africa to the United Kingdom, with a recently established London branch. A refocused solutions offering will also see the company playing a more prominent role in projects regarding resources and commodities.

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