BLT WORLD has launched the second-generation model Mobicon 2HL series container handlers in Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. These mini straddle carriers are designed to stack containers two high, one over one and for lifting containerssecurely onto and off trucks. Mobicon container handlers efficiently move loads around sites, to significantly reduce onsitecongestion, making the yard a safer workplace

Material handling specialists, BLT WORLD, launched the secondgeneration model Mobicon 2HL series container handlers in Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands earlier this year.

Mobicon mini straddle carriers key machines in BLT WORLDs extensive range of container handling equipmentare designed for lifting containers securely onto and off trucks and for moving loads around sites, to significantly reduce onsite congestion, making the yard a safer workplace.

The newest addition to the Mobicon range, which was originally launched in 2016 – is the second generation 2HL mini-straddle carrier, with advanced features for improved efficiencies, high manoeuvrability, greater safety on site and improved operator comfort,explains Ken Mouritzen, Managing Director, BLT WORLD. The first generation 2HL Mobicon series was favoured for its low axle weight, hydraulic lifting system and the machines ability to be low enough to travel under awnings and into warehouses.

The new model boasts advanced features, including a tighter turning circle for improved manoeuvrability, allowing for greater flexibility when operating in tight spaces and the ability to stack containers two high, one over one. The engine has now been positioned lower down, ensuring greater visibility for the operator when reversing and for precise placement of containers onto and off trucks.

The hydraulic lifting system has been designed to prevent wire rope breakage; avoid swinging of the load and increase lifting efficiency and reliability. With safety being paramount in all industries, Mobicon container handlers now feature a remote twist lock system, which means the operator does not need to leave the cabin to attach the container. Internal cameras assist in guiding the lock securely into place. The hydraulic lifting system requires minimal maintenance, providing low cost of ownership and maximum uptime.

The ergonomically designed cabin, with larger windows, improves operator comfort and safety.

Mobicon straddle carriers which operate efficiently indoors and outdoors in all weather conditions move loads efficiently around sites, through warehouse doors, effectively taking the container to the stack or the receiving point.

Other advantages include easy handling of ramps and speed bumps, faster container handling timesand minimal damage to contents normally caused by long lift truck runs. These versatile container handlers increase operational efficiency and reduce demurrage costs for trucks waiting to be loaded and unloaded.

The Mobicon system requires little maintenance unlike conventional container handling equipment, like forklifts, reachstackers, sideloaders or selfloading trailers, which are more costlyto operate and maintain.

BLT WORLDs Mobicon container carriers are suitable for businesses, from low to high throughput, including transport and logistics, food and beverage production, general industry, agriculture and warehousing.

Mobicon mini straddle carriers are available exclusively throughout Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands from BLT WORLD as rental equipment, or for purchase. The company offers a technical advisory, parts and support service.