Agriculturally, Africa has the potential to feed itself and export its surplus, the Africa Food Systems Forum 2023 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, was told this week by Kenyan president, William Ruto.

He said it was time countries in Africa worked together to put to use their untapped resources – the continent’s extensive agricultural space that it must exploit .

“We must utilise the enormous arable lands that we have to our advantage,” he said.

President Ruto added that favourable weather, coupled with the deliberate recruitment of the youth into the sector, would stabilise Africa’s food security. There will be no future in agriculture unless youth are on board, he added.

“A new narrative around agriculture will make it attract more young people who can help us produce more efficiently.”

He cited the use of new technology and increased mechanisation as some of the strategies to use.

“Food is emotive. We must work with other stakeholders to think and plan to get it right,” he said.

Source Africa Times/Freight News 

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