Doosan/Develon’s new range of Tonly engineering transportation equipment – which has won many global awards for excellence – is being well received in Southern Africa, particularly in the mining and quarrying sectors.

“The local Doosan/Develon team is pleased to now include Tonly machines in our wide range of mining and construction equipment. Of particular interest to our customers are the newly launched Tonly TL859 off road dump trucks, which are poised to set new industry standards and drive efficiencies in off-road operations,” states Darrel Holton, managing director, DISA Equipment. “Tonly off-road TL859 dump trucks – which have impressive features for high productivity, fuel efficiency, a large loading capacity and greater safety in tough operating conditions – are the culmination of many years of research and development in Indonesia.

“To ensure this successful series, the design team focused on the key technologies of mining dump trucks and adaptive application technologies of large-scale mine site working conditions.

“Apart from positive response from customers about the advanced capabilities of these new machines, other constructive feedback includes high operational efficiency, low procurement costs and short-term return on investment.”

TL859 AWD 6-by-6 all-wheel drive off-road dump trucks, which are suitable for soft road surfaces and wet and muddy working conditions, are equipped with an electronically controlled engine and an automatic gearbox, with convenient controls and higher efficiencies.

This robust series is equipped with a high-performance 12L engine, optimised for fuel efficiency and dependable power delivery across a wide range of operating conditions. The automatic transmission comprises an integrated hydraulic retarder that ensures reliable auxiliary braking capabilities for heavy loads, which improves operational safety, even in arduous conditions.

The design of the transmission in combination with the hydraulic retarder, reduces the speed of the truck when going down a steep slope and enables long periods of work at high power. This advanced design also reduces wear of components and tyres.

The efficient transfer gear case has been designed with a two-way twisting ability, enhancing off-road performance. An integrated active lubricating oil pump improves reliability and ensures extended component reliability.

Other design features of this new series include a reinforced, double-reduction axle housing with exceptional torque capacity and transmission efficiency for dependable mine transportation. The flexible bolt and rivet connection on the main frame maximises torsional bearing efficiency and extends service life of the machine. The U-tvpe cargo box with an integrated flip shaft, has been designed to improve stability of the machine during unloading. The front suspension multi-level shock absorption element improves driving comfort, while the patented rear leaf spring clamping mechanism enhances reliability of the system.

To meet specific demand from the global mining sector for dependable lifting systems, these dump trucks are fitted with a new high-strength mining-specific oil cylinder system, with optimised connecting support, which ensures a greater thrust and improved lifting stability and safety. The three-stage combined air filter enhances the efficiency of air filtering, improving air cleanliness.

Tony has developed full hydraulic steering system designed for lighter steering and reduced steering oil temperature. Advantages of this design include an improved life cycle of system components and greater truck safety.

This series is fitted with special mining tyres, with a longitudinal and transverse groove design that provides excellent grip performance. These tyres also ensure a greater load carrying capacity, longer service life and improved comfort during operation.

The new spacious cab design, with expansive visibility and effective noise reduction technology, ensures greater comfort and safety for the operator, which leads to higher productivity. An anti-collision beam and bumper structure offers protection to the driver and the truck.

The local operation also offers a wide range of Develon excavators, wheel loaders, articulated dump trucks (ADT’s), and attachments that perfectly suits requirements in all conditions. The Doosan team offers a technical advisory, repair, maintenance and spare parts service, through a national network of branches and carefully selected distributors.

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