Automotive aftermarket supply chain professionals will be holding a virtual discussion on 4 October 2023 at the Climate Day event organised by Nexus Automotive International. They will be looking at eco-responsible practices likely to reduce the environmental impact of the sector, particularly in Africa.

The second Nexus Climate Day will be held online on 4 October 2023. After a successful first event in Montreal, Canada, distributors, importers and suppliers will be stepping up the pace of sustainable development in the automotive industry. The meeting, organised by the Swiss-based Nexus Automotive International group, will bring together around a hundred participants, including some leading partners.

These include the German multinational Bosch, which has a presence in several countries, notably South Africa, the UK-based technology company Delphi, the French equipment manufacturer Valeo, which has 21 research centres for the development of intelligent mobility, and its German competitor MALHE, which has set itself the objective in recent years of “reducing the carbon footprint of millions of vehicles worldwide”.

“This event allows global suppliers, regional distributors and rating agencies to share their stories, thoughts and contributions in three main sections: Call to Action-Inspiration-Commitment for a more sustainable industry”, says the group headed by Gael Escribe.

The Nexus Climate Day, which will be chaired by Emmanuel Voguet, Director of Communications and Sustainable Development, is being held against a backdrop marked by the expansion of the secondary market, particularly on the African continent, which is the leading destination for second-hand vehicles, according to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). While the promotion of the circular economy (battery recycling, etc.) and digital solutions are presented as ecological solutions by players in the supply chain, the switch to electric vehicles could also shake up the habits of the automotive aftermarket.

For more information on Nexus Climate Day, click here.

Benoit-Ivan Wansi

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