ConstructAfrica (, a leading business intelligence provider focused on Sub-Saharan Africa, has published its latest premium intelligence report The Ghana Construction Market Report 2023. The publication of the report is timely, coinciding with the securing of a US$3 billion IMF loan programme, which means foreign companies can look again with confidence at the opportunities Ghana has to offer.

The 124-page Ghana Construction Market Report 2023 is designed to help companies to understand and minimize risk and set a strategy for participating in the Ghanaian construction sector. The report identifies project opportunities and details key clients and contractors in the industry.

As a leading gold producer and major oil and gas supplier, Ghana’s government is committed to developing the country’s infrastructure, and to ease the burden on the treasury, it is keen to engage private funding through public-private partnerships. Investments are planned across education, healthcare, housing, sanitation, transportation and utilities.

Ghana’s construction sector was worth about US$10 billion in 2021 and ranks among the seven largest construction markets in Sub-Saharan Africa. Between 2013 and 2021, the construction sector in Ghana contributed an average of 7.2% to GDP. The sector contracted in the wake of the global pandemic and the destabilising impact of the Russian-Ukraine war on global prices and supply chains. But the outlook for 2023 is for a return to growth.

The Ghana Construction Market Report 2023 report provides actionable insights to help companies succeed in Ghana.

Readers of the report will:

  • Understand challenges and opportunities in the Ghana construction market.
  • Identify key players in the Ghana construction industry.
  • Understand public procurement and tendering processes.
  • Gain insight into key strategies driving infrastructure investment.
  • Get an understanding of costs for construction materials, equipment and labour.
  • Find out about upcoming and ongoing projects in Ghana.

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