Husqvarna’s new range of X-CUT® saw chains boost performance and output

Saw chains are one of the most important components of a chainsaw and according to Johan Kruger, the National Sales Manager for Husqvarna South Africa, whether you are using this invaluable power tool for forestry, farming or gardening, selecting the correct saw chain for the required workload, will make a positive impact on the performance and efficiency of your chainsaw’s output.

The right match

Saw chains come in an almost limitless combination of types and sizes, with several different features, all of which are geared towards specific applications. “Firstly, ensure the right chain is used with the right guide bar (also known as the chainsaw blade), and one can usually find this information on the guide bar itself or from your local dealer,” says Johan.

It’s all about the cutters

With the basics in place, choose a saw chain according to the work for which it is required. There are three varieties of cutters, each matched to different tasks:

  • Full chisel cutters, used mainly by professionals, are designed to power through wood easily and provide fast efficient cutting.
  • Semi-chisel saw chains are slightly rounded which helps them remain sharper for longer, they are also easier to sharpen but cut more slowly than full chisel cutters.
  • The chipper saw chain is more rounded than that of the semi-chisel, making it less susceptible to damage and safer for people who don’t work with chainsaws daily.

A cut above

With all of these available options, selecting the right saw chain can be quite a challenging task. Focused on making things easier for the end user, Husqvarna has taken the work out of this decision-making process with the launch of its range of X-CUT® chainsaw chains.

“Matching a chainsaw, saw chain and the work requirement has just become a lot simpler with Husqvarna’s own newly launched saw chain range, the X-CUT® chainsaw chain,” says Johan. “It’s been designed with the operator in mind so it’s ready to be mounted on your chainsaw straight out of the box and includes an impressive range of features geared towards uncomplicated utilisation.”

One of the leading features is the fact that all X-CUT® saw chains are pre-stretched at the factory, allowing them to work longer before requiring re-tensioning. Other features include the addition of a golden tie-strap making it easier to find the start when checking or filing the chain as well as enhanced and prolonged sharpness, delivering more run time and less maintenance.

“Our X-CUT® range provides the enhanced performance, durability, strength and sharpness that our customers expect from all Husqvarna products. With high cutting efficiency and minimum downtime, it’s ultimately about delivering improved output in the field,” says Johan.

For more information about the range of X-CUT® chainsaw chains now available in South Africa, visit

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