ARISE PORTS & LOGISTICS (ARISE P&L) has opened the largest sub-regional workshop dedicated to railequipment maintenance at Owendo Mineral Ports (OMP).

The inauguration was held in the presence of the President of Gabon Ali Bongo Ondimba and thePresident of Togo Faure Esojimuna Gunasingbe. As part of the inauguration, the OMP team welcomedand honored his H.E.M. Facility tour of FAURE ESSOZIMNA GNASSINGBE.

OMP plays a major role in Gabon’s ports sector. Thanks to structured investment, the amount ofmanganese transported exceeded 57%. This further strengthens the company’s leadership in manganeseshipments in Gabon. This expertise has helped position Gabon as a leader in the global manganesemarket. In addition, OMP is supporting the province of Gabon in implementing its transformationacceleration plan in the railway and port sectors. This is the new public policy led by H.E.M. ALI BONGOONDIMBA and the Government will facilitate the modernization of Gabon’s infrastructure.

“At OWENDO, we are proud that for the people of Gabon he has created 1,300 jobsand set up fourrailway maintenance workshops to deal with all kinds of breakdowns while adhering to strictenvironmentalstandards. I’m also happy that 50% of the general managers are women. This shows that we are committedto promoting gender equality and providing economic opportunities for women in Gabon,” said President ALIBONGO ONDIMBA.

“We are proud of the inauguration of the new railway workshop in the presence of the Presidents of Gabonand Togo. This event represents an important milestone for OMP, as the new workshop will significantlyimprove the port’s performance by allowing for faster and more efficient loading and unloading of goods, aswell as an increased capacity to handle larger shipments.”


Owendo Mineral Port, part of the pan-African group ARISE PORTS & LOGISTICS, is located in the BarracudaZone of the town of Owendo, 21 kilometers from the capital of Libreville. The port spreads over 55 hectares ofland partly reclaimed, directly linking the main rail line to Franceville at 646 km inland. As an independentoperator serving all mining operators, the port has become a critical nexus point for minerals trade activity inthe region, with integrated transport solutions connecting the nation’s mines to port infrastructure. OMP willsignificantly enhance its local import and export capabilities and provide its maritime and industrialcustomers with a state-of-the-art networked infrastructure. OMP handles a turnover of over 6 million tonsof commodities per year.


ARISE PORTS & LOGISTICS acts as an industrial ecosystem developer that designs, builds, finances anddevelops interconnected infrastructures, providing partners with superior logistics solutions. The portfolioconsists of her three port facilities spread across two countries.
Gabon and Ivory Coast.

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