Local distributor in Jordan donates a Case IH tractor to Arsenale dell’Incontro | This charitable organisation works to uplift the families of socially marginalised youth and children with disabilities | The new tractor will allow them to improve the use of their land and increase its potential.

A generous donation of a Case IH JXT 45 4WD tractor to assist the activities of a worthy cause in Jordan is proving to be a great boon in alleviating the plight of disabled children in this country, as a precious support in the field for their daily agricultural projects.

Case IH’s Jordanian distributor, Techno Plant for Agricultural Supplies Trading Ltd. Co, supported by CNHI International SA, recently handed over the tractor in Madaba, Jordan to Arsenale dell’Incontro – the Centre for People with Disabilities.

This charitable organisation is affiliated to the Latin Patriarchal Vicariate in Jordan, and was originally founded by SERMIG brotherhood from Turin, Italy, with the aim of promoting peace and mutual respect between people and helping to uplift the poor and disabled people of Jordanian society, as well as socially integrating a large group of disadvantaged young people. In this developing country, opportunities of assistance and rehabilitation for disabled people are not widely available, sometimes causing social marginalisation.

With around fifty percent of its people under the age of sixteen, the Jordanian population is very young. The youth, and especially the disabled in places like Madaba in southern Jordan, near the Dead Sea, often struggle to find a balance between local traditions, making a decent living and the challenges of rapidly escalating modernisation. Arsenale dell’Incontro creates valuable opportunities in this regard, offering educational, rehabilitation and vocational training paths, included agricultural training.

Agricultural activities

The donation ceremony was promoted by Case IH’s local distributor, represented by the owner Mr. Khaled El Attal. The distributor will provide training and support to maximise the functionality of this versatile Case IH JXT 45 4WD.

This multi-purpose Case IH tractor is expected to be a huge help in implementing and supporting the agricultural projects of Arsenale dell’Incontro, which has its own three-hectare field for agricultural activities where they conduct professional training with disabled children, as well as another piece of land with about 150 olive trees. Until the arrival of the tractor they worked mainly by hand to keep the field and the olive grove clean, renting a tractor only when strictly necessary.

“Recently we have been developing and expanding our agricultural projects and the new tractor will save time, energy and resources that can be applied to other agricultural work like introducing new crops and planting trees,” says the missionary at Arsenale dell’Incontro, Irene Panarello. “In addition, moving tools and farming products will be much easier and the new tractor will allow us to improve the use of the land and increase its potential. But most importantly the new tractor is a valuable contribution towards the inclusion, professional education and rehabilitation of children with disabilities at our centre and in the whole region.”

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