Export sales recorded a huge increase in September 2022 compared to vehicles exported in September 2021. Aiding with employment and economic growth, here are September’s most popular vehicles in the export market.

Export sales recorded a huge increase of 21 199 units, or 104,6%, to 41 474 units in September 2022 compared to the 20 275 vehicles exported in September 2021. The vehicle export market, therefore, bolsters the local economy and is crucial for gainful employment. Automotive manufacturing brands have production lines located across the country, with locations at inland and local regions.

According to naamsa, The strong performance in vehicle exports during the month could still be attributed to the knock-on effects of the cyberattack on Transnet operations during September 2021. However, the global economy has entered a period of persistently high inflation and weaker economic growth impacting on demand, but growth prospects for domestic vehicle exports remain optimistic on the back of new locally manufactured model introductions during the last quarter of the year.

The higher stages of load-shedding seem to have an amplified negative impact on production and the South African economy as a whole. The South African Reserve Bank, at its September Monetary Policy Committee, noted that economic and financial conditions were expected to remain more volatile for the foreseeable future and revised its economic growth outlook for 2022 lower as a result of load shedding and other weakening economic indicators.

Image: Ford

However, in all this despondency, the vehicle export market managed to post a 104,6% improvement from the same time in the year before. Here are the biggest vehicle exporters in South Africa for the month of September

Toyota – 7 264

Volkswagen – 9 656

Ford Motor Company – 9 829

BMW Group – 7 014

Mercedes-Benz SA – 6 501

With certain manufacturers listed above producing several models for the export market; here is a closer look at their most popular productions destined for overseas countries.

Toyota Hilux – 6 820

Volkswagen Polo – 9 656

Ford Ranger – 9 829

BMW X3  – 7 014

Mercedes-Benz C-Class – 6 501

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