Totam Seeds company “founded by growers for growers” offers a full range of tomato varieties, completely attuned to the latest market trends

(The Netherlands, 28th September 2022) At Totam Seeds, 2023 is already here. In fact, the Mitsui Group seed company specialised in the development of hybrid tomato varieties for high-tech greenhouse cultivation is presenting its new varietal assortment, precisely tailored to the latest market trends.

But that is not all: specific attention has been focused on the development of cultivars resistant to Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (ToBRFV), a disease first described in 2015 and now present in many countries in Europe and the Americas, which can irreparably damage whole crops.

Specifically, there are three new ToBRFV IR-resistant varieties: FH201, a bright red cherry, with very vigorous plants, attractive clusters, and high yield potential; GH601, a beef tomato with bright, intense red fruit; and TRS101, TRS102, a tomato rootstock with resistance to ToBRFV.

Our company,” comments Pieter Vermeulen, Product Development Manager of Totam Seeds, “being grower-founded, has always worked closely with the grower world. So for the new 2023 tomato variety range, we have responded to the demands of the people who grow tomatoes on a daily basis. Amongst the various factors, we have focused strongly on resistance, including Cladosporium, oidium, and IR ToBRFV viruses, and on plants’ hardiness, to offer varieties able to grow and deliver high yields even in the toughest conditions”

The new Totam Seeds range, already available for order, also comprises several cultivars specifically designed to meet the modern consumer’s needs. In fact, the assortment includes several cherry and cocktail tomatoes, alongside medium-sized cluster varieties, to provide a truly complete range in every aspect.

Two cocktail varieties are particularly outstanding:

  • CH3110: a cocktail tomato with a long cluster of 35-40 grams and richly flavoured fruit. The plant is hardy with high yield potential.
  • CH3220: a cocktail tomato with a cluster weight of 45-50 grams, richly flavoured fruit, high yield, and resistance to all the main diseases.

The chief cherry tomato varieties are:

  • FH 2085: a cherry tomato with glossy fruit of 18 grams each, also suitable for loose picking. The plant is very strong and the fruit are crispy with an excellent flavour. Its broad set of resistances includes TSWV and On.
  • FH2027: a round cherry tomato, 15 grams, with a sweet, aromatic flavour. The plant is very strong and resistant to TSWV.
  • FH2102: a cluster cherry tomato with glossy fruit and a high Brix level and very high taste. The average fruit size is 12 grams and the yield is high.

Coloured tomatoes also feature strongly:

  • SH 9074: an orange mini plum variety with a strong, aromatic flavour. Its yield and resistance are high, making it ideal for cultivation in various environments and for multiple crop cycles, suitable for loose and truss harvest.
  • SH9133: an oval cherry tomato with a bright lemon-yellow colour. The strong plant adapts well to various environments and crop cycles. Good for truss harvest as well for loose for the medley packages

Part of the assortment are:

  • GH 5185: a beef tomato of 220-250 grams, with high yield potential, firm, intense red fruit, and a long storage life.
  • SH 9164: a mini plum tomato with glossy fruit, with a very aromatic flavour and distinctive green areas. The plants combine high yield potential with an impressive set of resistances, suitable for truss harvest.
  • MH4188: a medium cluster variety of 100-120 gr, with fruits red and glossy, firm, globe round shape, balanced plant habit, and open canopy. Compact and suitable for short and long-cycle lit and unlit crop. Interesting variety for growers who would like to have variety with Oidium and TSWV resistance.
  • MH4194 is a medium cluster variety with larger fruits than MH4188. Canopy is half open, fruits are slightly ribbed, flat cluster, and with thick green parts. Also having a resistance package with TSWV and Oidium.

The range is completed with:

  • TS100, a very strong and generative tomato rootstock, giving early production, competitive yield, brix, and fruit weight.
  • TRS 101 and TRS 102, the versions potentiate with ToBRFV IR resistance, available soon.

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