Fibertex SA’s horticulture solutions encompass the production of geosynthetic materials that are used to enhance the growth of healthy plants, trees and vegetables.

“We have seen an upward trend in demand from farmers, horticulturalists, nurseries and gardening enthusiasts for Growbags – an eco-friendly alternative to conventional plastic bags and pots – that have been designed to improve plant growth,” explains Sefton Fripp, Commercial Executive, Fibertex South Africa, specialists in nonwovens and performance-based materials. “It is encouraging at a time when grocery prices are soaring and food scarcity is a concern, that many households are looking at growing their own vegetables and herbs.

Fibertex capillary mats for sub-irrigation

“An important advantage of our locally manufactured Fibertex Growbags is they can be used above and in the ground. Added to this, the porous fabric of the bag allows air to pass through the root zone, which stabilises the temperature to help plants grow quicker and healthier. When plants grown directly in the ground without a Growbag are lifted after a few years, roots can be severely damaged, causing the plant to drop its leaves and wilt. These portable Growbags range in size from 25 lt to 200 lt and are tear-resistant, with two strong handles for easy carrying from one position to another, without damaging the plants.

“In plastic plant bags, the roots quickly heat up during the day and cool down at night. This fluctuation in temperature causes stress on the plant, inhibiting growth. The roots of plants grown in a conventional pot grow in circles which restricts water and nutrient intake that hampers natural growth of the plant.”

Seedlings planted in Growbags

Included in the broad range Fibertex of horticulture products are geosynthetics used for constructing growing tunnels and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) drainage pipes. These robust materials are UV stabilised and offer high impact resistance to avoid damage during installation, as well as improving mechanical service life and ensuring extended service life in exposed propagation environments. Fibertex capillary mats have been specially designed for controlled sub-irrigation for efficient nursery production.

The installation of Fibertex capillary mats in nurseries and greenhouses improve the quality of plants by providing the best growing conditions. Capillary mats ensure uniform water storage and reduced disease, fungus and rot, due to the controlled water hold. These mats, which are also well suited for computer-controlled watering systems, eliminate dry spots and prevent areas with insufficient fertilizer.

Fibertex Universal 2022

Fibertex capillary mats are simple to cut without any fraying at the edges and are easy to join by welding or gluing. These durable mats can be re-used many times and maintain high strength, even in wet conditions. Added to this, they are easy to clean with a high-pressure cleaner or a firm brush.

Fibertex also manufactures Universal DIY materials that provide sustainable solutions to multiple drainage, filtration, separation and containment issues in gardens, driveways, patios and ponds.

According to Fibertex specialists, this environmentally friendly material has been designed to minimise maintenance, reduce weeds and avoid the need to use chemicals.

Citrus growing in a Growbag

Fibertex Universal performs excellently as a separation geotextile between sand and stone to prevent intermixing of layers; as a separation material for root control and as a stabilisation fabric for under-paving to prevent sagging and rutting. Fibertex Universal also acts as a filtration layer to allow water to pass through the fabric and retain soil fines. In addition, it can also be used behind retaining walls to prevent loss of the retained soil through the facing. This versatile material also acts as a separation and filtration layer in subsoil drainage systems.

Fibertex home and garden products are easy to install and can be cut to the required dimensions simply by using scissors. Fibertex Universal rolls are available from leading DIY and hardware stores throughout the country, in both 1 m x 10 m and 1.3 m x 10 m sizes.

All Fibertex horticulture products are manufactured to stringent environmental and quality standards and are supported by a technical and advisory service throughout the African continent.

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