Dieter Kovar, CEO of Schauenburg International - Africa Group, Soumya Das, Chief Operating Officer of Inpixon and Eric Baker, Chief Innovation Officer of Schauenburg Systems at Electra Mining Show 2022 in Johannesburg.

Inpixon®, the Indoor Intelligence® company, has announced a collaboration agreement with Schauenburg Systems, the mine safety systems and equipment OEM, to sell Inpixon’s real-time location technologies to mining companies in South Africa.

Under the agreement, the parties will aim to achieve sales of hundreds of thousands of nanoLOC chips and other core technologies of Inpixon that provide real-time tracking, collision avoidance and proximity applications for the mining industry.

Schauenburg Systems is one of the leading technology and service providers in the South African mining market and works with multinational mining companies. It adds: “Schauenburg Systems provides smart mining solutions to help collect data from the mines through multiple IoT sensors to improve mine safety and productivity. Towards that end, Schauenburg Systems is partnering with Inpixon to incorporate various Inpixon technologies into their solutions. The company’s first joint project target is one of the larger gold mines in South Africa.”

South Africa is one of the world’s largest producers of chrome, manganese, platinum, vanadium, palladium and zirconium. The COVID-19 pandemic has further accelerated the digitisation of the work process, as well as the adoption of automation and other innovative tools in the nation’s mining industry according to a report by PwC and the Minerals Council South Africa.

Soumya Das, COO of Inpixon, commented: “With safety, a top consideration in the mining industry, every second matters, and Inpixon technologies provide real-time location and alerts to identify potential hazards and to trigger ventilation systems or alarms. With the ability to monitor all aspects of employee and asset locations through a simple dashboard, mine operators can address issues effectively while ensuring compliance to regulations.”

Eric Baker, Chief Innovation Officer of Schauenburg Systems, said: “We’ve evaluated numerous location technologies and chose Inpixon due to their ability to deliver real-time location of personnel, vehicles and assets, even over relatively long ranges and in RF-challenged environments. We look forward to integrating Inpixon location technologies into our products to maximise the safety and productivity of our mining customers.”

Nadir Ali, CEO of Inpixon, stated: “We are excited to work with Schauenburg Systems and to supply our technologies for the large mining operators in South Africa. Monitoring the location and proximity of people and objects in real-time is essential to reduce fatalities and avoid accidents and damage. The Fourth Industrial Revolution, or, Industry 4.0, is transforming the way the mining industry works with smart technologies. We believe as Industry 4.0 improves the mining industry, our tags and modules will become increasingly important given our ability to help operators quickly identify, track, and visualise locations of assets and workers in real-time while helping organisations comply with regulations.”

Source: im mining

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