Steve Rosettenstein, MD of the Bosch Projects office in Australia pic 2

Bosch Projects – a member of the Bosch Holdings group of multi-disciplinary consulting engineering companies – has established a new office in Queensland, Australia.

“The founding of a Bosch Projects branch in Australia, forms part of the group’s strategy to further strengthen our position in the global sugar sector by expanding our specialist engineering services in Australia and into South-East Asia,” explains Mike Gibbon, CEO, Bosch Holdings. “Our initial services offered into this region are sugar consulting, engineering and project management together with sugar equipment technology and supply.

“Although our initial focus will be in the sugar industry, Bosch Projects also offers consulting engineering and project management services to other sectors. These sectors include industrial plants, water and wastewater, roads and urban developments, as well as ports and terminals.

“A dedicated branch in Australia offers many opportunities to extend our services to a broader client base and provides new market prospects, allowing us to consolidate relationships with new and existing technology partners and clients in South-East Asia. At the helm of the Bosch Projects Australian operation is Steve Rosettenstein, who has extensive experience in the global sugar industry.”

Over the past 20 years, Bosch Projects has developed a wide range of proprietary sugar processing equipment, which includes the patented Bosch Projects chainless diffuser and continuous vacuum pan. Other best-selling equipment includes rotary screens, clarifiers, cane preparation equipment, long tube evaporators and entrainment separators. Bosch Projects has also recently supplied sugar dryers, refined sugar conditioning silos, massecuite reheaters, vertical crystallisers and batch pans.

The Bosch Projects research and development team works closely with associate sugar consultants and technologists around the world, to develop high-performance equipment. Every system is designed to meet each client’s requirements for cost-efficiency and improved productivity. Although new equipment is designed, combining the latest technologies and advanced manufacturing trends, Bosch Projects incorporates tried and tested technologies favoured by clients into new designs.

“We are very excited about this next advancement in our group and look forward to making a positive contribution towards adding value to the Australian sugar industry. The Bosch Projects team offers a comprehensive service to clients, encompassing strategic planning and feasibility studies, sugar technology selection, project structuring and funding, design and engineering, project delivery and operational support and training,” says Steve Rosettenstein Managing Director of the Bosch Projects office in Australia.

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