NORD DRIVESYSTEMS, in partnership with BMG, will be exhibiting at Electra Mining 2022, to be held at Nasrec in Johannesburg, between 5 and 9 September.

Getriebebau NORD leading global manufacturers of drive technology for mechanical and electronic solutions is represented exclusively in southern Africa, by BMG.

Our stand at this years event (Hall 6, stand K26) will highlight a range of NORD products, including geared motors, motors, industrial gear units, frequency inverters, motor starters and frequency inverters for decentralised drive control,says Deon Crous, National Product Specialist, NORD Drive Systems, BMGs Electromechanical Drives division. The NORD range comprisesoptimum drive configurations to ensure high-performance of mechanical speed control for specific applications, in almost every industry.

BMGs electromechanical team which is committed to ensuring every mine and plant operateefficiently and safelyworks in close partnership with NORD DRIVESYSTEMS, to offer ongoingsupply and support of a wide range of engineering components.

BMGs team of technicians supports the NORD range with a technical advisory and support service, which is tailored to meet the precise specifications of contractors, designers and the end-user. Local assembly at BMG World in Johannesburg, enables prompt delivery of drive systems and the quick availability of spare parts.

On display at the show will be a new range of NORD MAXXDRIVE®-XT industrial gearboxes and Industry 4.0 NORD predictive maintenance systems.

MAXXDRIVE-XT industrial gear units, which offer safe solutions for torques of up to 282,000 Nm, can be mounted directly or with an IEC motor attachment. NORD drive concepts for elevators also offer options for back stops to prevent backflow of materials, as well as auxiliary drives with freewheeling couplings and rotary encoders for maintenance operations. This system has been enhanced with an application-optimised two stage helical bevel gear unit.

Customised explosion-protected motors and geared motors are used to minimise the risk of an explosion of flammable dust in bucket conveyor applications.

BMGs NORD predictive maintenance solutions offer fast, efficient and comprehensive evaluation of analogue and digital data, to enhance the operational efficiency and safety of machines. The intelligent PLC in NORD drive technologyforms the basis for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

BMG specialists use predictive maintenance as a methodical continuation of condition maintenance, with the prime objective of proactively maintaining machinery and equipment and detecting operational changes. NORD status-oriented maintenance system replaces traditional time-based maintenance to enhance the performance of the gear unit, electric motor and frequencyinverter, for increased efficiency of the entire plant, as well as reduced downtime. Digitalisation in drive technology boosts the added value our customers derive from drive data. This is especially so in drive systems in demanding production environments, where industrial gear unit installations are usually used in critical applications and their failure could cause severe damage. For example, in mining, wastewater, intralogistics and the food industry, as well as in general heavyduty applications.

An important advantage of this system is it offers dependable data analysis, rather than merely data reading. Results of pre-processing or complete data can be optionally transmitted to an edge device, from which the data of all subsystems is managed and evaluated. This information is then available as pre-selected and edited smart data for further use and clear visualisation.

NORD modular drives designed for reliability, energy-efficiency, low noise levels, extended service life and reduced maintenance are used in applications where frequently changing speeds are essential and where a specificallydefined sequence of movement is required. These systems are easy to expand or upgrade, using a minimum of different types and sizes of components.

Included in BMG’s NORD range are drives suitable for torques from 10 Nm to over 250 kNm,electric motors in the power range from 0,12 kW to 1 000 kW and frequency inverters with the required power electronics up to 160 kW. Inverter solutions are available for conventional control cabinet installations, as well as for decentralised, fully-integrated drive units.

NORDs decentralised technology, which integrates mechanical drive components and electronics components into compact units, provides highly efficient and reliable customised drive solutions that reduce operative and service costs.

Decentralised drive technology – an alternative to control cabinet installationsincorporatesfrequency inverters that are installed close to the motor or mounted directly on the geared motor, to enhance productivity in many applications, including conveyor technology and intralogistics.

This stand will be manned by a team of technical experts.

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