Kusasalethu Mine near Carletonville in Gauteng

Phoenecian Group offers essential service to demolish end-of-life mine infrastructure

8 June 2022: Numerous mines in South Africa are either reaching the end of their productive lifespans, or have redundant infrastructure on-site that either needs to be refurbished or demolished. Here is where Phoenecian Groupoffers an essential service to the mining industry.

The company specialises in demolition, bulk earthworks, geotechnical services, bulk services, roadworks, contract mining, design, and construct, civil and construction works. It has just completed a major demolition project for a central Massmart warehouse in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.

Preparatory work is currently underway

A recent high-profile project for the mining industry is the planned demolition of two silos at the Kusasalethu Mine owned by Harmony Gold Mining, which is an amalgamation of the former AngloGold Deelkraal and Elandsrand mines on the West Wits Line near Carletonville in Gauteng.

“Our scope of work is quite broad, ranging from the demolition of some hostels to other ancillary works within the mine’s area,” explains Phoenecian Contracts Manager Sne’ Khanyile. The main part of the contract though is the demolition of the two silo structures, for which preparatory work is currently underway. 

The challenge associated with any demolition work is the protection of surrounding structures

Phoenecian demolition expert Richard Kelly explains that the challenge associated with any demolition work is to protect surrounding structures from damage. “It is especially important when to comes to mine infrastructure like silos and headgear.” Phoenecian has deployed a cherry picker to clear a safe working zone around the two silos. This will be followed by drilling blastholes for the explosives and their charging.

“Remedial or rehabilitation work in the mining industry presents a major opportunity for Phoenecian,” comments Khanyile. Mine sites must be brought back to the condition of grazing land, which involves soil testing and removing any concrete foundations, sometimes up to a depth of 1.5 m.

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