Nampo 2022 was a great success for BMG.

“The BMG team was thrilled to be back at the Nampo show this year, after the event had to be cancelled for two consecutive years during the Covid-19 pandemic. There was a renewed energy at this year’s event and we are encouraged about fresh optimism in South Africa’s agricultural sector,” notes Carlo Beukes, BMG’s agricultural manager. “The five-day event was the perfect forum for the collaboration of industry stakeholders, suppliers and farmers and for exhibitors to showcase products and services.

“Both BMG’s stands at Nampo 2022 focused on the convenience and efficiency of the BMG online shopping platform, which was launched two years ago and is continually advanced for improved accessibility to engineering and agricultural components.

“The company’s online 24-hour shopping facility is safe and easy to navigate and allows farmers to browse the site, select the products they want and then either “click and collect” from their nearest branch or receive their order via swift nationwide delivery.

“Although this digital platform offers farmers new opportunities for doing business, online shopping is merely another channel and does not detract from the technical support and personal care that the BMG teams are well known for. This facility adds value to our service offering and makes shopping for engineering components even more convenient for the agricultural community.”

Over 75 000 BMG products are available on this platform, including bearings, seals, fasteners and power transmission components, as well hand and power tools, abrasives, brushware, spanners, wrenches and sockets. Added to this are agricultural-specific components, including PTO shafts.

Nampo 2022 was also the perfect opportunity for the agricultural team to emphasise the importance of BMG’s Boer Slim/Smart Farming. This programme highlights the significance of the investment in quality equipment and replacement parts, rather than ‘cheap and inferior’ components, to achieve high efficiencies and optimum productivity in all sectors of agriculture.

On display was a wide range of BMG’s agricultural products, including bearings and seals, power transmission components, light industry conveyors, tools and fasteners, hydraulics and fluid technology, as well as all electronics equipment.

What was new for BMG at Nampo this year, was an outside stand where there were working demonstrations. Product specialists focused on interacting with end-users, displaying the company’s product portfolio and engineering capabilities. There were also active conveyor systems in operation, which have been specifically designed for fruit packhouses.

Another major success for BMG was the launch of the 2022 range of Boerslim clothing, which is locally manufactured and perfectly suited for the tough African environment. These items are also available via BMG Online or from BMG outlets.

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