INSTROTECH is offering Keller’s electronic ECO 2 manometer – an instrument that can perform all standard measuring jobs at an exceptionally low price.  Compared to its mechanical predecessors. Keller’s digital technology offers high resolution, excellent repeatability at very similar prices.

The ECO 2’s dual display updates twice every second, showing the measured value and the minimum or maximum value attained.  As a special feature, the ECO 2 has a Zero Tare feature, allowing the user to set the zero to any pressure, so that the manometer will then always show deviations from the Zero Tare value as the actual value.

The user-friendly two-key operating system provides access to the entire range of functions: the stored MAX/MIN can be erased and reset to zero, or the device can be switched to continuous mode.  In continuous operating mode, the battery has capacity for up to 1000 hours.  The ECO 2 electronic manometer has a standard automatic switch-off time of about 15 minutes after the last key function, this extends the battery life where continuous operation is not required. 

The easy-to-handle ECO 2 is available with two practice-based measuring ranges of -1…30 bar and 0…300 bar in the compensated temperature range from 0 to 50°C, the economically priced standard manometer offer typical overall accuracy of 0,5%FS (Full Scale).  The standard design features IP65 protection, and the optional protective cover means that it can also be operated reliably outdoors in any weather conditions.  This instrument is also available in an Exia ATEX approved version compliant with 94/9/EC.  The standard delivery includes a swivel pressure connection that optimises readout alignment during operation.

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