BMG’s range of Ingersoll Rand ARO® fluid management equipment comprises FDA-compliant air operated diaphragm pumps that provide solutions for the food and beverage sector, as well as in pharmaceutical and cosmetic pumps applications.

FDA compliant ARO sanitary pumps not only enhance product purity and ensure easy clean-out in environments that require the highest standards of cleanliness, but these pumps also enable safe operation at elevated temperatures.

“The ARO Expert (EXP) line of FDA approved air operated diaphragm pumps, which has been designed to transfer fluids for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries efficiently and safely, ensure high reliability and typically yield about 30% better flow rates than similar pumps. Since fluids are transferred efficiently and gently by ARO air operated diaphragm pumps, shelf life of the liquid (such as beer) is often extended. The gentle pumping action will not froth or separate fluids, thus improving end-product quality,” explains Joe Pinheiro, BMG’s National Product Manager, Pumps. “These robust ARO pumps, have been designed with the capacity to handle high volume transfer and dispensing applications, also optimising total cost of ownership for users.

“All ARO EXP pumps feature a patented unbalanced air valve design, which prevents stalling issues associated with conventional pumps. Exhaust valves effectively divert cold exhaust air from ice-prone components, to prevent freezing and minimise downtime. These pumps are able to pass even large shear-sensitive solids without degradation or heat build-up and are also designed to run dry, eliminating the risk of pump damage. The gentle pumping action will not froth or separate fluid, improving end-product quality.”

As an expansion to the standard double diaphragm pumps, BMG now offers plant managers and maintenance engineers a reliable choice of two pump ranges for sanitary applications. BMG’s ARO SD series features a Quick Knock Down (QKD) compression clamp system to facilitate easier cleaning and maintenance. This compression clamp band design also facilitates rapid disassembly and re-assembly of components for inspection and maintenance.

Centre bodies available in Stainless Steel provide a durable construction that is compliant in FDA environments, while Polypropylene centre bodies are lighter and chemically compatible for most caustic environments. In the SD series, flow rates are optimised for improved overall performance, the electro-polished Stainless Steel 316L construction is FDA compliant and these robust pumps have a higher temperature capability.

An optional single piece composite PTFE diaphragm minimises the number of collection points for the fluid being pumped, which speeds up disassembly, cleaning and re-assembly. The optional electronic interface integrates easily with PC or PLC systems and the ARO controller helps to reduce waste and increase productivity.

BMG’s ARO PM series diaphragm pumps are also constructed from electro-polished 316 Stainless Steel, but feature a bolted construction with all Stainless Steel hardware. Centre sections are available in aluminium, polypropylene, or stainless steel.

In a recent ARO case study at a leading brewery, electric powered centrifugal pumps were replaced with ARO FDA-compliant air operated diaphragm pumps, which resulted in an increase in production capacity of between 10 and 15%. According to the customer, key to the success of maintaining the quality of beer and accelerated speed to market, has been in the careful pump selection.

Although the electric powered centrifugal pumps previously used by the brewery provided high power, these pumps required operation on a continuous cycle. The constant pumping of the beer with an impeller pump, introduced more oxygen into the beer, causing foam that affected the flavour.

ARO fluid handling products are engineered to deliver high performance and serviceability, enabling users to achieve the best cost of ownership. Factory-installed options enable customisation of these sanitary pumps to specific application requirements.

BMG supports this range with a technical advisory service to ensure the selection of the most suitable pump for every application. The company also supplies a full range of ARO diaphragm pump parts and accessories for standard repair and maintenance requirements.

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