With most international borders closed, there are still countries which are welcoming South African travellers.

If you’re planning a trip without breaking the bank, the good news is that these below destinations are now cheaper to travel to compared to pre-pandemic years.

According to Cheapflights, locals can explore their continent for cheaper, and experience a sought-after holiday.


Previously a little more expensive to travel to, South Africans can now secure flights to Namibia from as little as R3 721,00 on average, which is around 16% cheaper than the price of flights in 2019.

South Africans are sharing the excitement about travelling to the neighbouring country as a number of searches for travels to its capital Windhoek jumped by 27%.

Sand surfers make their way to the top of the tallest sand dunes, near Swakopmund. Picture: AP

Those who are looking for a different winter getaway, the weather is perfect around this time. Explore Swakopmund – a coastal town famous for its beaches, and is great for surfing.

The Namib desert creates an opportunity for desert adventure activities like sandboarding, 4×4 or quad bike tours, as well as fishing, boating and coastal tours.


In late April, the Maldives announced that they would be opening their borders to South Africans to visit.

The picturesque island has always been known as an exclusive destination visited by the wealthy, but has now been made more accessible for those looking to travel there.

Known as ‘vaccine tourism’, South Africans should be able to travel to this well-loved destination to get their jab while on holiday.

Locals are able to find flights to the Male for as little as R11 855 on average which is 7.4% less than two years ago.


Victoria Falls is known around the world – and now is a good time to plan a trip there. Flights can be secured for as little as R3 677 on average, making it one third more affordable than in 2019.


Uganda is known for its lush natural landscape and vast wildlife.

Previously, flying to Uganda would set you back, but since 2019 the flight costs have come down by around 16%. It’s now possible to travel from South Africa to Uganda for as little as R4 925,00 on average.

Local is still lekker

South Africa’s abundance of wildlife still makes it a top safari getaway.

Flights to Nelspruit are much cheaper now than they were in 2019, and you can save up to around 27% with flights as low as R3 517 on average when visiting a game reserve.

But as domestic travels are on the rise this year, trips to Nelspruit are also picking up fast and flights are searched by 131% more often than two years ago.

Please note: Before travelling, South Africans are advised to check each country’s local government travel rules and requirements related to Covid-19.

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