Image: Reuters

Upward global coffee prices helped to woo exporters to release more of their stocks

Uganda’s coffee exports in April 2021 jumped 49%, from the same period in 2020, as new productive trees reached maturity and favourable weather helped drive up shipments, according to the state-run coffee regulator.

The east African country’s coffee exports jumped to 537,53860-kilogram bags compared to 359,973 bags in the same month last year. Most of the Ugandan coffee production is robust, and the surging output of the varietal drove this year’s export increase.

Uganda also produces some arabica, but arabica figures slowed as it is the off-year in the bean’s biennial production cycle.

Robusta output surged because of “newly planted coffee which has started yielding supported by favourable weather as well, “the Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) said in a report.

Upward global coffee prices, too, helped to woo exporters to release more of their stocks, the report said. Uganda is Africa’s largest coffee exporter, followed by Ethiopia.

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