Zambia plans to hold an online high-level investment conference Wednesday, with the purpose of attracting South African investors in the country’s agriculture sector.

More than 600 participants will attend the Zambia-South Africa Agriculture Investment Conference, which will be organized by the Zambian embassy in South Africa, in collaboration with Agri-All-Africa, a leading South African agricultural firm, under the theme “The Zambia Nexus, Where stability, Opportunities and Potential Meet,” said a press release given by the Zambian government.

Jackson Miti, Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa, said the participants will include specialists from agricultural institutions, government representatives, as well as prominent commercial and small-scale farmers from the two countries.

According to him, Zambia’s agriculture holds immense investment opportunities hence the need to market to outside investors.

The progressive national agricultural policy framework created by the government is aimed at stimulating sustainable diversification, commercialization and participation of the private sector, he added.


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