In accordance with regulations laid down by the Department of Mineral Resources, any mining operation has an obligation to determine the size of its ore body and lease area, as well as the projected amount of ore that will be mined. This is where MineWare’s survey module comes into play, capturing and displaying relevant survey data in a live, graphic interface .

Before any mining property is even bought, the area in question needs to be surveyed accurately, in order to map and project future supplies. All mining operations therefore, whether on the surface or underground, need some sort of survey package. This can be either a manual system or a software package, like this survey module.

Survey observations can take the form of gathering data from survey stations or beacons, or measurement of an excavation that has been mined. Once a survey has been done, observations and data are captured within MineWare’s survey software, where relevant calculations can happen. Raw data is also backed up and stored securely for audit purposes. The data is then ready to be used within the Syncromine survey module, or interfaced to any other system that might need spatial data. Data is displayed visually on an easy to read user interface and updated in real time, ensuring ease of use and accurate calculations.

Installing and configuration of the Survey module should take no longer than a week, with minimal training needed. Installation time would depend on the conversion of data from heritage software or the process of digitally capturing information that is currently on a manual system. Once the software is installed, tolerances for different types of surveys can be configured into the program. Any observations that fall outside these tolerances will need an authorization confirmation.

MineWare’s survey is an innovative addition to the Sycromine system, allowing relevant personnel to have accurate, live data around ore deposits at their fingertips.

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