The City of Cape Town has finally unveiled its bounce-back strategy aimed at recovery in the battered tourism sector and in turn supporting the frail economy. File photo: Matthew Jordaan/African News Agency (ANA) Archives

By Nomalanga Tshuma

Cape Town – The City of Cape Town has finally unveiled its bounce-back strategy aimed at recovery in the battered tourism sector and in turn supporting the frail economy.

Mayco Member for Economic Opportunities and Asset Management James Vos presented the “ten point” strategy saying it was exactly what the city needed to breathe life back into the vital sector.

“The City’s ten-point tourism strategy, will actively work to help breathe life back into this vital sector to assist in bringing about economic recovery, just like we’ve done many times before.

“A few months ago, we put together the tourism task team to support the tourism and hospitality industry through these tough times while also focusing on future prospects. The team was provided support from various stakeholders across the sector as well as by the official destination marketing organisation, Cape Town Tourism,” he said.

The strategy boasts supporting the tourism industry by unlocking immediate relief measures to address the severe cash flow crisis many tourism businesses are currently facing and also speaks to continuing lobbying for extended UIF-Ters relief from national government among other urgently planned measures.

“I am pleased to say we are constantly looking at global best practices to implement measures to drive the various stages of recovery and readiness, as well as campaigns to stimulate supply and demand for specific key source markets such as domestic travel until international travel is restored.

“Our ten-point strategy is a multi-pronged approach to help the tourism industry survive in the challenging weeks and months ahead as we get to grips with the evolving nature of a new reality, adapt quickly, and think creatively.

“Secondly, it is imperative that tourism reclaims its status as a significant and integral driver of employment and economic benefits for the residents and businesses of Cape Town,” said Vos.

From left to right: Enver Duminy, CEO: Cape Town Tourism, Rory Viljoen, Place Marketing Manager at the City of Cape Town, alderman James Vos, Mayoral Committee Member for Economic Opportunities and Asset Management and councillor Anda Ntsodo, Economic Opportunities and Asset Management portfolio chair. Picture: Supplied

Meanwhile, Enver Duminy CEO of Cape Town Tourism said that launch of administering Covid-19 vaccinations in the city marks a milestone in the country’s road towards economic recovery.

“This is definitely a milestone for all of us in South Africa especially since we’ve been suffering under the pandemic and extensive lockdowns over the last year.

“These innoculations are a sign of a new tomorrow and we are positive about the road to recovery which we believe starts today. As Cape Town Tourism, we see this inoculation as a sign of a better, and hopefully a brighter future for us in South Africa.

“Let’s take this moment to reflect on a year that has definitely been one of the worst for all of us across tourism. But let us also look towards a future where the Covid-19 vaccination will provide and bring back a lot of travel confidence of our tourists from all over the world,” Duminy said.

“As Cape Town Tourism, we remain encouraged and will continue to work hard in not only making sure that we grow demand, but also to support our members and the industry through a very difficult time.”

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