Xiaohu Xu, Vice President of the CCCFNA/ Justin Chadwick, Chairman of Fruit SA and Vangile Titi-Msumza, Vice-Chair of Fruit SA.

Fruit exports from South Africa and China are set to get a boost with the recent signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the two countries.

Last year, South Africa exported over 2.8 million tonnes of fresh fruit to overseas markets. However, only a small percentage of these exports went to China. With a population of around 1.38 billion and the demand for fresh fruit expected to continue growing over the next few years, China offers a major opportunity for further market expansion. As a result, the local industry aims to increase its exports to China over the next five years and in this way contribute towards increased jobs in the sector.

The MoU, which was signed between Xiaohu Xu, Vice President of the China Chamber of Commerce of Import & Export of Foodstuffs & Native Produce (CFNA) and Justin Chadwick, Chairman of the Board of Fruit South Africa (Fruit SA) will contribute towards this objective, as it will serve to promote greater cooperation and statistical information exchange between the countries’ fresh fruit industries.

To this end, Fruit SA and CCCFNA will:

  • Support trade visits between South Africa and China for the representatives of each association.
  • Cooperate in the areas of technology exchange.
  • Promote information exchange on matters of relevance such as statistics of fruit exports and imports between the two countries, changes in regulatory legislation, and customs procedures.
  • Support each other’s publicity and promotional activities, where appropriate.

The two associations will also nominate a working group to review the effective execution of commitments in the MoU, which is effective from the date of its signing.

The group will comprise at least one representative from each association and will monitor the implementation of projects and address any issues that may arise from the agreement.

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