Air Namibia is quickly running out of runway. Without the backing of the government, it will have to find some other source of funding to keep moving forward. With passenger revenues remaining low and foreign investors likely feeling skittish about investing in the airline, there may be few other options. Air Namibia is a government-owned airline. And, like other government-owned flag carriers, it has been struggling. Air India, Alitalia, South African Airways, Thai Airways, and others are just a few examples of struggling national airlines with somewhat diminishing importance.

A niche carrier, Air Namibia is serving domestic points within Namibia, the immediate regional markets of South Africa, Zimbabwe, Angola, Zambia and Botswana. The airline also serves the entire European network through Frankfurt. Within its fleet arectwo wide-bodied Airbus A330s for the sole purpose of a daily link between Frankfurt and Windhoek, the Namibian capital, is ludicrously extravagant and added to the company’s losses in recent years.


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