Rand Agri, boosting food security and emerging markets since 2002

Rand Agri is a South African-based company and a well-established leading bulk trader in the southern African grain markets.

Since its inception in 2002, Rand Agri has grown from strength-to-strength, continuously expanding into new markets. As a specialist in non-GMO grains, we offer larger quantities and varieties of grains to address food security, environmental issues and to boost the supply chain in emerging economies.

Our team of specialist traders is always in-the-know, regarding macro and micro economic factors that affect grain prices. That’s how we’re always sure we can help you make informed decisions.

Rand Agri’s logistical solutions enable us to effectively store, transport, export and import into Africa and abroad, widening the offset areas for grain commodities

At Rand Agri, we believe in cultivating Africa as a worldwide food basket.

With our clients, we feed southern Africans by trading in quality grain commodities and processed grain products.

We have built trusted relationships in all the territories we service. So, we have the infrastructure and network to consistently provide for the high demand for physical grains from processors, millers, and ultimately, the end-consumer


24 Samora Machel Street,
Middelburg, 1050

Phone: +27 (0)13 243 1166

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