Battery Planet is the first in Ghana to join the chain of official Bosch automotive shops delivering a wide range of automotive spare parts and accessories

Bosch Ghana has launched the international chain of Bosch automotive shops in Ghana with the appointment of Battery Planet. Battery Planet is the first in Ghana to join the chain of official Bosch automotive shops delivering a wide range of automotive spare parts and accessories.

Julien Lacoste, Regional Director Automotive Aftermarket West Africa said, “Bringing original quality automotive parts and accessories at affordable prices to the Ghanaian motorist is the main objective for Bosch in Ghana.











“We plan to roll out a network of Bosch automotive shops across Ghana ensuring the motorist peace of mind in sourcing original Bosch parts and accessories.”

“In addressing the needs of the market, Bosch Ghana provides market solutions for automotive distributor and vehicle service workshops including spare parts and diagnostic equipment. For the motorist, Bosch Ghana is growing the network Bosch Car Service and Express Bosch Car Service workshops, ensuring the motorist peace of mind when requiring vehicle repair and maintenance services,” adds Lacoste. 

In addition to the Bosch automotive shop, Battery Planet is an officially appointed Bosch distributor.

The Bosch Service network, and other aftermarket workshops and retailers can source a variety of Bosch products including batteries, wiper blades, filters, spark plugs, braking systems, diesel injection systems, gasoline injection systems, as well as other product lines in automotive spare parts and accessories with full-fledged service support.











Battery Planet is located on the Spintex Road, Accra, where an additional service of deliveries and fitment at the site for automotive batteries is available to the motorist.

Battery Planet deploys the eXtra loyalty program for Ghanaian retailers and workshops and has recently expanded its distribution with some Ghanaian supermarket chains. The eXtra loyalty program allows workshops and retailers to earn points and redeem rewards when they buy original Bosch parts from any of our dealers.

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